Posted On: 03/24/15 9:39 PM

OMAHA – In 15 years, Nebraska Impact has grown from a volleyball club initially designed to field a couple teams of players from Omaha Burke to one of the largest and most successful clubs in Omaha.

But now, at the age of 64, Nebraska Impact founder and owner Mike Godek is ready to pass the baton and has announced that he and his family have sold Nebraska Impact to the family of Scott and Jodi Schendt of Papillion.

The sale was recently announced to the families at Nebraska Impact and will be final on May 1, 2015.

Godek said he had several suitors for purchasing the club. But there was a certain comfort factor in selling to the Schendt family. Scott and Jodi have a daughter – Peyton – who plays at Impact as well as three other boys.

“We really wanted it to go to somebody that would continue the Impact legacy,” Godek said. “They’re going to do more modern things than an old man like me has.”

Ever since the Godeks and Schendts started discussing the purchase, the new owners took the initiative to start facilitating some changes to the facility. There have been renovations and design changes to the entry way, lounge area, concession stand and office. The Schendts also have begun installing charging stations in the lounge area for phones, tablets, etc., and have plans to add more features – such as TVs, coffee and other amenities.

“We want the Oasis to be a place everyone is proud of,” Jodi Schendt said. “Where the kids will learn life lessons beyond volleyball and training.  It will remain a family-oriented business with a kick of modern flare.”

Godek, who will have hip-replacement surgery at the end of this club season, said he would like to continue coaching because he still has the energy and passion for it. Schendt said she’s excited about owning the club and handling all the day-to-day responsibilities. In doing so, she said, coaches at Impact will just be coaching and not have to worry about the business or management side of Impact.

Schendt also said she is looking forward to re-energizing the club and already has commitments from Chuck Peacock to handle the strength-training portion of the business and other individuals to offer unique services.

“Over the next few months we will be jazzing the place up and adding several amenities for both the athletes and families,” Schendt said. “We want a clean, fresh start and look forward to working with both existing and new families in the months ahead.”