Posted On: 06/4/17 1:39 PM

Welcome, volleyball players, coaches, families and fans, to Prep Dig.

We couldn’t be more excited to launch a website that will work tirelessly to bring exposure to talented volleyball players of ALL levels. If you’re a prospect with a shot at playing at the Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA or junior-college levels, we are here to cover you and help bring exposure to your game.

Prep Dig, which will soon be expanding to Iowa and Illinois, will provide coverage of a given state’s volleyball scene on a year-round basis. We don’t rest once the high school volleyball season is over. We’ll be covering: club season, the high school season, year-round recruiting, and more.

In short, if volleyball is happening, we’re covering it.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get as a subscriber to Prep Dig:

— Recruiting Reports. Interviews with volleyball prospects of all levels, available to hundreds of coaches who are subscribed to our network throughout the country.

— Game analysis and evaluation.

— Weekly preview stories.

— Extensive club coverage.

We hope that you’ll subscribe to Prep Dig and find out what in-depth, round-the-clock coverage of the state’s volleyball scene really looks like!

The Prep Dig team

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