Posted On: 08/16/17 10:05 AM

As Nebraska Prep Volleyball embarks on its fifth year of covering high school and club volleyball in the state, we are going to make some significant changes that make me extremely excited for the 2017 season.

I started Nebraska Prep Volleyball in the summer of 2013 for the purpose of providing a platform that would give the incredible young women that play this sport and their teams a heightened level of exposure. In the past four seasons, I think, we have accomplished that goal and more and the biggest chunk of that success has been because of readers like you that have embraced what we do.  I’ve never felt as though was mine. It’s always belonged to the incredible volleyball community in this state as a whole. 

My biggest regret over the past four seasons has been the inability to do as much as I would like and to provide readers with even more content and articles about the kids and teams we love. I’ve simply tried to do the best I can as one person to reach all corners of the state and get to know as many people as I could. I have always tried to improve the quality of the coverage and have always been looking for ways to do things better, which brings me to the major changes coming in the next few days.

I’m excited to say that I have agreed to sell Nebraska Prep Volleyball to a group of like-minded individuals at PrepDig. What I love about PrepDig is that they have the passion and ability to take coverage of volleyball in the state of Nebraska to a much higher level. The company already has – in my opinion – the best network of state-based basketball websites in the nation under the label.

I’m excited that in launching PrepDig, the group identified Nebraska Prep Volleyball as a potential flagship website and online community that it wanted as part of its launch. I will let the PrepDig group introduce itself in the coming days and outline some of the things that will change, but here are a few things you can expect.

1.) Even though I’ve sold Nebraska Prep Volleyball, I’m not going anywhere for a while.  I’m very excited and honored that PrepDig asked me to stick around to write even more content for the website. At the very least, I will be around until the end of the 2017 high school season and then I will see where life leads me.

2.) PrepDig has already added four more writers to the staff for Nebraska Prep Volleyball. With myself, that gives us five people out blanketing the state with coverage. I’m excited for everyone to get to know the new writers – each one of them is a great person and known in volleyball circles. Their addition is going to make the website even more amazing!

3.) The look and feel of the website will change, but the content will be better and there will be much more of it!

4.) PrepDig has an amazing business model and if you are one of those people who simply can’t get enough volleyball information, you will be able to get access to all of their state-specific websites if you should choose.  Without a doubt, PrepDig will be the leader in state and national volleyball coverage by a wide, wide margin in a year or two.

In order to evolve, change is necessary. After taking Nebraska Prep Volleyball as far as I felt I could on my own, the time came to pass the baton to someone who could take it to the next level, and I am certain PrepDig will do that. I feel blessed that PrepDig wanted to take the baton and is ready to run with it.

We got started with Nebraska Prep Volleyball in 2013 with a bare-bone website and a few tweets and it has grown since. In the beginning, without naming names, there was a family that was always by my side, encouraging me to push forward and see this through. To them, I am forever grateful for you investment in me and the crazy vision I had. Without that family, Nebraska Prep Volleyball wouldn’t exist. Thank you. Obviously, my wife and kids put up with a lot from me to get this started as well, but truthfully I think they enjoyed having me gone from home quite a bit!

I have such incredible relationships with coaches, teams, fans and the strong, powerful young women who play this game and that will remain and that will always remain regardless what title the website has. I know that I have not always made all of the people happy all of the time. The ability to do so simply doesn’t exist, but I have treasured and learned from every experience along the way.

I look forward to now starting another journey with everyone as PrepDig – Nebraska style. If the future is anything like the past, we’re going to have a great time.

– Berk Brown, Nebraska Prep Volleyball Founder