Posted On: 08/11/17 11:59 AM

The Red Cloud Warriors are gearing up for another shot at the state tournament with the journey beginning this week. For the Nibbe sisters, the journey began a long time ago. Morgan (senior) and Mary (junior) are only 14 months apart and often get mistaken for twins. The two began playing as kids when their dad was a coach at Red Cloud.

“Mary and I would always pepper in the yard after school when we were younger,” Morgan said. “Soon after that we would go into the gym with my dad and work on hitting with Mary as my setter.”

Fast forward ten years and you can find them in the gym doing the same things after practice. Mary is the Warrior’s setter and her connection with her sister, one of her hitters, is one of a kind. Mary credits the bond to all the reps and experience the two have had together. She also describes her relationship with Morgan as one filled with chemistry. “We are so comfortable with one another and trust each other’s ability and knowledge of volleyball,” Mary said. “Morgan and I can critique each other and use that to become better players together.”

The sisters consider one another best friends off the court. Both described their relationship as something they are truly grateful for. Mary said, “Our relationship off the court will always be more important to me than anything that may happen between us on the court.” Mary and Morgan are one year apart and have also discussed the possibilities of college, together or apart. Neither one is out of the question as they both acknowledge they have different interests, but wouldn’t mind ending up at the same school.

Last season the Warriors made history by appearing in the state tournament for the first time in volleyball school history. The town rallied around the team and the Nibbe sisters. Both Morgan and Mary have thought about their possible second state appearance in the coming months and describe the feelings as a dream.

“I dream about the feeling of knowing that all our hard work and dedication paid off,” Morgan said. “I’ve always wanted to make it to that last match, and getting a taste of that last year only makes me want it more.” Their first-round loss last year at state to Hampton, the eventual D-2 state champion, left a bitter taste in their mouth. They are looking forward to playing Hampton again and work to make this season’s outcome different than the last. The Nibbe sisters and the Warriors will be a force to be reckoned with in the following weeks and months and are eager to make history again this season.