Posted On: 08/8/17 12:52 PM

Traditionally, we have named three All-Nebraska teams that encompass all classes. Each of our teams has had 10 players on it to try and fit as many deserving players on it as possible. When you consider that there are well over 3,000 high school varsity volleyball players in the state, to be named one of the 30 best is quite a feat. It literally means you are in the top one percent of all players in a state known for its outstanding volleyball.

I often tell people that All-State teams are put together based on what happens on the court during the high school season. Everyone starts with a blank slate when the season starts and nobody’s resume is complete until after the state tournament. It doesn’t matter where you have a scholarship to play in college, what you did last year or what your potential for the future is. It’s all determined by what you do on the court.

In putting together a pre-season All-Nebraska list, however, the rules change. Selections for this are based on what I’ve seen of a player and expect that we will see from them this fall. And, to be frank, it also involves

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