Posted On: 09/19/17 8:56 AM

On the volleyball court, Kamryn Pullen can do things few others can. The same can be said for the 6'2 senior from Omaha North in the classroom.

Pullen, ranked the #8 prospect in the Class of 2018, jump touches 10'0 1/2 - putting her just over a basketball rim and well above a vast majority of players in the state. It's that kind of athleticism combined with her height, length and high ceiling that makes her the kind of player college coaches salivate over. 

Off the court, Pullen is a National Merit Semifinalist that pulls down a weighted GPA of 4.875. It's that kind of intelligence that has many colleges salivating over her as well.

Somebody is going to pay for Pullen's college whether it's for her ability in the classroom, on the court or a combination of both. It's a good problem to figure out if you're Pullen. She said her top priority is to find the right fit academically and then see if there is an opportunity for her to play volleyball there.

"College volleyball isn't completely out of the question for me, but I can't say it's a top priority," Pullen said. "I have communicated with my

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