Posted On: 01/11/18 4:00 PM

Capital Volleyball Academy out of Madison has always been a big name on the club volleyball scene.  With talented players who have gone on to have successful college careers and being in the backyard of the University of Wisconsin does provide advantages to draw a large pool of talent into the club.  However, there is a major difference in club volleyball and the age old saying goes, “Team beats talent, when talent isn’t a team.” For Capital 17 Adidas, there is plenty of talent, but with that there is also a team that works together, communicates, plays with great energy, and enthusiasm for the game and for each other.  

Schmitt To Creighton, Who Is Next To Commit?

Kiana Schmitt is a 6’3 middle blocker who is touching 10 feet, which is always an indicator of what college coaches use as to how high a player can play.  Schmitt is incredibly dynamic and quick, can move from pin to pin to block, and plays smart.  Having a high IQ player for a team, especially at middle can create so many problems across the net  Schmitt is definitely option number one for Capital, but the cupboard is plenty full for this team. The roster is loaded with future college players, it’s just a matter of where.  

Sopheea Mink On The Rise!

Who is that? And where is she going?  I’m sure that will be a saying said by college coaches when they see Sopheea Mink on the court.  Mink is currently an uncommitted middle that is 6’1 and can touch 10’4.  She can fly!  Not quite literally, but after watching Mink play, it is so fun to watch how smooth and graceful she plays, but yet can hurt you with her power too.  Mink is in a club where she will have the training to continue her progression and be very successful.  

The Waunakee Kids

There are three players from Waunakee on this team who made it to the state tournament last year with Schmitt, libero Sarah Malone, and Kaleigh Roepke.  With a taste of the state tournament last season, playing together for the 2018 club season, goals will be high for the Waunakee High School team this upcoming 2018 season.

The Balance

Teams will be able to key on Schmitt and Mink throughout the season, but this team still has quite the balance to surround their middles.  Malone provides a solid first contact at libero, but also is a great secondary setter for her pins.  Bailey Neuberger was scoring a lot of points and getting teams out of system at GLPL last weekend.  With a 6-2 that Capital was running it will allow for a variety of options to score points from multiple areas.

A Few Word From Coach Quinn:

After our first weekend of competition, we are right where we want to be. We have seen how well we can play when we are committed to being assertive on the floor, and we have seen what quality teams can do to us if we don’t compete for every contact. It is important that we get more confident and comfortable taking risks, regardless of the immediate results. We aren’t where we want to be yet, but we are on the right trajectory. All of our teams at Capital have been getting after it during practice, and I am excited to see how far we will all come in the months ahead, assuming we continue to bring our intensity and enthusiasm to the court.”

Coach Quinn Luken, Head Coach Capital 17 Adidas