Posted On: 02/24/18 4:51 PM

To get into the “bracket mania” that comes this time of year, Prep Dig Nebraska is having a series of bracket contests that will be determined by fan voting on Twitter.

We are starting off with a 64-player “Most Feared Attacker” contest. Instead of having a tradition, East, West, Midwest and South bracket, however, we have named the four brackets after four of the most feared attackers in state history – Allison Weston, Gina Mancuso, Jordan Larson and Kyla Roehrig. The winner of each bracket will advance to the Final Four, where one Twitter poll with the four bracket winners will determine the grand champion.

All voting will take place on Twitter. You can follow the voting and take part in it by following us on Twitter at @NebHSvolleyball

Below is the Jordan Larson Bracket. Be sure to keep checking back at for updates on the bracket!

#1 seed – Marriah Buss (Lincoln Lutheran & Nebraska ONE 17 Titanium) vs.

#16 seed – Sydney Fitzgibbons (Papillion-LaVista & Premier 18 Gold)


#8 seed –Taya Beller T(Humphrey-Lindsay Holy Family & Nebraska Juniors 171 Black) vs.

#9 seed – Kyla Swanson (Wahoo & VCNebraska 17 Elite)


#5 seed – Brooke Frederickson (North Bend & Premier 18 Gold) vs.

#12 seed – Kate Bilyeu (Omaha Marian & Nebraska Elite 18 MOAB)


#13 seed – Bree Burtwistle (Stanton & VCNebraska 18 Black) vs.

#4 seed – Lily Heyne (Skutt Catholic & Nebraska Elite 17 TKO)


#3 seed – Fallon Stutheit (Johnson-Brock & Nebraska ONE 17 Titanium) vs.

#14 seed – Logan Wemhoff (Humphrey St. Francis)


#6 seed – Megan Skovsende (Skutt Catholic & Premier 17 Gold) vs.

#11 seed – Emily Krolikowski (Centura & South Central 18 Black)


#7 seed – Mayah Delgado (Omaha Duchesne & Nebraska Elite 16 Vici) vs.

#10 seed – Maddie Wiedenfeld (Omaha Marian & Nebraska Elite 18 MOAB)


#15 seed – Lauren Taubenheim (Lincoln Pius X & Nebraska ONE 17 Titanium) vs.

#2 seed – Kelsie Cada (Bishop Neumann & VCNebraska 17 Elite)