Posted On: 02/4/18 10:40 PM

Today Nebraska teams competed in the second weekend of the Heartland Cup at Abbott Sports Complex in Lincoln and the Nebraska Elite Training Facility in Omaha. The eight teams assigned to play in Omaha revealed some incredibly talented players as well as others that will likely progress into standouts this season. The teams that competed in Omaha are as follows: VCN 17 Black, Premier 15 Gold, River City Jrs 17 Navy, Nebraska Jrs 162, Nebraska Elite 15 Revolution, VCNebraska 16 Elite, Nebraska Jrs 161 and Nebraska Jrs 172.

Previously established players shone throughout the day as well as some unexpected or even underrated players. Here is a look at the top players from this cold and snowy Sunday in January!


Linsday Krause

The Nebraska recruit showed her strength today for Premier 15 Gold. Krause was absolutely the hardest swinger in the gym and was fearless no matter the situation, though her team was put under stress only a number of times. Not only was her arm impressive, but her platform on serve receive and defense proved to be equally admirable. Not very often do you see a 6'3" player digging hard-driven balls with natural finesse, but this future

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