Posted On: 03/5/18 12:12 PM

Sometimes in the sport of volleyball, it isn’t about just winning a tournament to prove that you are an elite level team. Premier 15 Gold is the perfect example of an elite level team. Premier 15 Gold has been playing up in almost every tournament they’ve been in this year. They’ve been playing in 17s and 18s gold tournaments as a 15s team. Not only that, they’ve been able to hold their own and prove that they are one of the best 15s teams in the state and country. It’s no surprise that this 15 Gold team is ranked in the top 20 in the nation.

            Yesterday Premier 15 Gold played in the Performance Nike Challenge 18 Gold division. Out of the 9 teams in the tournament, they were able to come out with a 2nd place finish after falling to Nebraska ONE 17 Titanium in the championship match. This 15 Gold squad didn’t make the win for Nebraska ONE 17 Titanium an easy win. They pushed Titanium to a decisive 3rd set and proved that they can hang right in there with older elite level teams as well. A 2nd place finish for 15 Gold is impressive considering

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