Posted On: 05/11/18 3:52 PM

 Club season is finishing up and players and parents are already searching for more opportunities to play and improve.  With so many camps offered, it can be hard to pick.  Here are some tips and our top picks to make the most of your summer this year:

Keep your personal budget in mind: There are many affordable options.  Remember there are a lot of 1 day/half day options that are very affordable.  You can accomplish a lot in small amount of time. 

Expose yourself to new teammates and coaches:  Try attending a new camp each year. This will help you gain exposure to new friends and new technique.

Nike Volleyball Camp –All Skills (US Sports Camps) –  This elite camp will be held at the National Volleyball Center in Rochester, MN under director Stephen McCarthy.  It will run a July 23-26th from 9:00-3:00.  Highlights of this camp include: great coach to player ratios, group discount (8 or more) and differentiated instruction.  It is open to all eager players age 10-18.  Look for their other camps in St. Paul and Minneapolis too.  Cost: $320

Northern Lights Libero/DS Camp & Elite Libero/DS – Sometimes back-row players feel over-looked or underappreciated, this camp is perfect for them.  MNL has a strong reputation built by top coaches and players in our state; come see what they are doing.  Highlights of this camp include: unique schedule: Friday-Sunday, offered three weekends, and affordable.   Cost: $135/Elite $150

McCutcheon Volleyball Camps:  While these camps need no introduction, there are many great options.  Our top pick is the 1 Day Skill Camps.  This is a great way to get instruction on specific skills.  For example, they offer Attack/Block camp, Dig/Set camp and Serve/Pass camp.  Highlights of this camp include: the best of MN Gopher Volleyball, detailed instruction, and targeting skills.  Cost: $150

Jessy Jones Volleyball Academy:  Former MN Gopher and professional volleyball player, Jessy and her husband, former NFL athlete, host camps for teams looking to improve their skills during the summer months.  She will work along-side a team’s coach to plan instruction detailed to your team’s needs.  Highlights of this camp include: conditioning, expertise of coaches, and work with team dynamics.  Cost: contact for pricing

UMD Top Dog Elite Camp:  Of course any camp affiliated with a strong university program comes highly recommended, but this is our top pick for players in the northern part of the state.  Designed for strong, experienced players, this camp is perfect for those looking for top-notch instruction and lots of “scrimmage” time.  Highlights of this camp include: overnight option, elite level of play, and tournament-style play. Cost: $315

  Whether you a an elite athlete entering your final year of high school or just starting volleyball there is a camp for you!  There are too many to cover them all; find one that works for you and get out and enjoy the sport.

Honorable Mention list:

Augsburg Volleyball Camps- Intermediate All Skills Camp; 6/22-24

Concordia University Elite Skills Camp; 7/19 & 20

Surface Beach VBC Traveling Beach Camp; 6/12 &6/14