Posted On: 07/6/18 7:28 PM

OK, before you read any further please make sure to understand the following: this is not an "all-state" team for the club season nor is it designed to honor the 16 best players during the club season. I want to make sure that's very clear. 

Now, here is a breakdown of what the Prep Dig Nebraska 18s Dream Team for club is. It's a hypothetical look at what I, Berk Brown, would do if I were in charge of putting together a "Dream Team" from Nebraska to compete at the national championships.

It's well documented how successful Nebraska teams are during the club season at the national level. What is even more amazing, however, is the fact that a state with a population of roughly 1.9 million people can divide its talent up among five-ish clubs that are able to compete at the national level. Now, THAT is amazing. Plus, consider most of those club teams are dominated by Omaha and Lincoln area players, so the clubs are really only drawing from a population base of closer to 1.2-1.3 million.

Now, consider that the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area has roughly 3.2 million people with about three clubs drawing from that

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