Posted On: 01/2/19 4:30 PM

For the month of January and most of February, it might look a little different in gyms and convention centers across the country.  It won’t be what you see, it’s more about what you won’t see: Division 1 college coaches.

With the changes in recruiting, Division 1 college coaches will not be able to go out to evaluate until Presidents Day Weekend (Friday, February 15 opens the weekend), the time before this called a “Quiet Period” where players may come on campus, but coaches cannot go out recruiting.  There may be small changes to club schedules, how coaches approach their training in January, but at the end of the day players and clubs will do what they can to get on the radar whether that is playing live in front of coaches or using video.

There will be plenty of college coaches who will be “Quiet”, but Prep Dig will not.  We will be providing articles, social media, player rankings, and updates from tournaments across the midwest which will include power leagues, qualifiers, and even appearance at practices.  We want to be the number one resource for volleyball related news from a local to national presence.

Our writers see hundreds of players live, and with that you can expect authentic analysis of what is going on:

Players: We will be posting video clips, updates on teams, and articles previewing and recapping weekends.  Use social media to your advantage. Promote your teammates, your club, and what you are passionate about in volleyball.  Everyone loves a crazy dig, heavy kill, or a massive block!

Club Coaches: Keep your players up to date on who is being written about and feel free to retweet or share something that is being written about in regards to your athletes and club.  We will do our best to see as many teams and players as we can!

College Coaches: We will do our best to keep our phones fully charged to keep our social media buzzing getting video clips of athletes playing and who are the up and coming prospects.  At the end of the day, we are a bunch of volleyball geeks who love the game (which is meant as a full compliment!)

I will be covering tournaments across the Midwest starting this weekend with the Molten Series in the Twin Cities Metro Area.  From there the road will lead me to multiple states throughout the season: 

Athletes Become a Prospect Here:

College coaches will go back into “Quiet Period” May 1 through May 30.  Prep Dig will be kicking off the summer evaluation period on Friday, May 31 with a Showcase being held in Madison at the Alliant Energy Convention Center before our Prep Dig Gauntlet Tournament June 1 and 2.

Prep Dig Gauntlet: 

Showcase on May 31, Tournament June 1 and 2

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