Posted On: 02/6/19 1:45 PM

  Did you know the Northern Lights Volleyball Club has over 30 teams this season?  Many of these players are well known in the volleyball community and have been heavily recruited, but there are still several that haven’t been given the credit they deserve.  Today the spotlight is one special setter with a passion to play.

Charlotte Nelson, or Charlie, is a gifted setter from Farmington High School on the NL 17- Black.  As a captain of the Farmington Tigers she has shown strong leadership for her squad since her sophomore year.  She is a talented setter who will graduate in 2020.    Likewise, she has been playing with the NL club since she was 13.  Perhaps the highlight of career was being named an AUU All-American in 2016.  Nelson has also been an honorable mention for All-conference in 2017 and this past year in the South Suburban Conference.  

  3 things that set her apart from the rest:  

  • She loves to jump set, making it hard for defenses to read her.
  • Her serving precision (spot serving.)
  • Nelson is a great student with a 3.94 gpa, who hopes to play in college and is unsigned.