Posted On: 03/11/19 11:45 AM

Motor City Madness will be featuring a Friday night showcase put on by Prep Dig on Friday, April 12 from 6-8 PM at Ultimate Soccer in Pontiac, Michigan.  This showcase which is open to all athletes and college coaches provides a chance to high level exposure, but what makes this event experience different than other showcases?

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Coverage, Coverage, and More Coverage!

Before The Event:

Registered athletes will get their own personalized graphic on Twitter welcoming them as a participant to the event.

College programs who RSVP online will receive a post of their program logo that will be published on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram welcoming them to the event.

Colleges receive a spreadsheet of athletes committed to the event with their position, height, high school, club, and grad year (and additional notes if applicable).

Previews of athletes who will be attending the event, such as “Athletes You Need To Know”, “Class of 2020 and 2021 Outside Hitters To Watch”, and “Top Liberos At The Motor City Madness Showcase”.

During The Event:

We will be extremely active on our forms of social media, with Twitter being the most used source with updates of video that will later be posted to our Instagram and Facebook pages.

After The Event:

After the event, it still continues with content on the athletes.  We have featured articles on All Showcase Teams, Top Verticals, and New Names Coaches Need To Know.  All content on the event will be 50% off where athletes can use to send to coaches, share on their social media, and post on any recruiting profiles.


There is an option to have a video highlight to purchase from CMM Productions who does volleyball highlight work around the country.  Players will be tagged based on their number with top highlights that will consist of up to ten plays or around one minute of action where they will able to share to college coaches as well as post to recruiting profiles. 

The Run of Show

The chance athletes have at a Showcase is to really “Showcase” their skills which means a variety of competition and positionals.  This is a great way to get on the radar, especially the night before an event where coaches can see the athletes play at the tournament over the weekend (however, athletes do not need to be competing in the tournament to be in the Showcase).

Here is a typical run of show at a Prep Dig Showcase:

  1. Introduction
  2. Warm Up
  3. Stations (Various games of queens, split court, testing)
  4. Testing (Height, reach, approach, vertical, serve speed)
  5. Positional breakdown
  6. Position combinations (setters work with hitters, incorporate defensive players)
  7. 6 on 6 free ball and wash drills
  8. Cool down/recruiting questions
  9. Closing remarks

Here is a highlight of the Prep Dig’s most recent Showcase held in Milwaukee: