Posted On: 05/28/19 10:14 AM

The FC Elite 17 Navy team which practices out of the Appleton area was able to take the time to answer some questions for Prep Dig from pre game rituals to their mentors.  This team is coached by Vanessa Buman and Glen Schneider. Buman is an FC Elite alum and just finished her playing career as a libero at Green Bay, finishing with a Horizon League Championship and a trip to the NCAA Tournament.  Meet some of the members of FC Elite 17 Navy.

Emily Bruckschen – Howards Grove

  1. My pre game ritual is to have a Gatorade and focus on the upcoming game.
  2. I love to travel, spend time with family and friends, and watch movies.
  3. My advice to younger players is cherish every moment you play the sport and make the most of each opportunity to get better.
  4. My top influencers are my parents as they have taught me to give 100% effort in everything I do.

Emma Oelhafen – Xavier

  1. For high school games, I get a smoothie and iced coffee.  Our team also sings and dances in the locker room. For club our team has breakfast together at the hotel. Also, my hair has to be straightened for games.
  2. I love traveling, hanging out with friends, and CYO Basketball.
  3. My mom and dad have been my biggest mentors.
  4. My advice to you younger players would be don’t put too much pressure on yourself and plenty with the “next play” mentality.

Katherine Walch – Notre Dame Academy

Committed to Michigan Tech

  1. My pregame ritual is stretching my legs with the other team is warming up and I also have a lot of pregame superstitions.
  2. Outside of volleyball I spend most of my time hanging out with friends and studying.
  3. My advice to younger players is to go all out, all the time.
  4. My top influencer/mentor is Olivia Ghormley (Pulaski alum/Current Michigan Tech player).  Not only is is an amazing player and All American, but she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met.  She made me feel so welcome on my visit to MTU and I’m so happy to be on the same team as her.

Kalli Mau – Kimberly

Committed to Bellarmine

  1. My pregame ritual for high school games is cranking up music on speakers and putting my warm ups on before my shoes.
  2. My hobbies include hanging out with friends and spending time at track practice.
  3. I would tell younger players to just enjoy every moment and always play your hardest because soon it will be all done.  Enjoy spending time with your teammates every weekend.
  4. One person I look up to the most is Emily Scott (Kimberly alum/Current Louisville player).  We were teammates through both track and volleyball. She was always there for me and she was always there to push me to be better.

Carlee Doering – Kimberly 

  1. For pregame rituals in high school we always dance as a team and hype each other up before warmups.
  2. Outside of volleyball I love hanging out with friends and supporting them in other sports.  I also spend a lot of time mocking (hammocking) at High Cliff State Park while watching the sunset and eating ice cream 🙂
  3. My advice to younger players would be get super involved and just make sure you always have fun when you play volleyball.  Be super vocal at all time and keep getting positive touches.
  4. My top influences are my teammates, both old and new.  One person I would consider a mentor is Emily Scott because we are the same position and I looked up to her as a volleyball player and person.  Also, my current teammates influence me every day in practice and games to play my best.

Katie DiRaimondo – Manitowoc Lincoln

  1. Some of my pregame rituals would be doing zumba with my high school team and dancing with my club team.
  2. My hobbies outside of school would be track, swimming, and hanging out with friends.
  3. My advice to  younger players would be to stick with it because as you continue to improve the game only gets more fun.  Also, take advantage of opportunities you have to meet new people and make new friends.
  4. My top mentor is my high school volleyball coach, MaryBeth Dixon.