Posted On: 06/23/19 10:23 PM

Fueled by her family and a strong competitive desire, Caroline (CC) Crawford, tells Prep Dig why she loves the game, and looks forward to moving on to compete at the collegiate level.

1) Where did you live before moving to Lansing, Kansas, and what brought you and your family there?

Before moving to Lansing, KS, I lived in Liberty, MO my entire life. I recently moved due to my father’s job.

2) Is volleyball your sole major commitment? If not, what other activities/athletics are you involved in?

I would say beyond family coming first, volleyball is my sole major commitment. I played basketball growing up and in high school, as well as softball and track & field.

3) How much of a role does your family play in supporting your volleyball endeavors?

My family plays the largest role in supporting my volleyball endeavors, or just sports in general. They have been there with me through thick and thin. My parents both played division one collegiate sports so that is where I get my competitiveness from.

4) How did you end up joining the KC Mavs Volleyball Club?

I actually started off playing at the Northeast MAVS with Julie Slater as my coach (now my current high school coach). After a couple years of spending time on different club teams I found that MAVS was the best option. It was my 16s year and I decided to play up with the 17s. Same as this year playing 18s.

5) What fuels your desire to play at the collegiate level?

I just love competition. I’m a competitive person and love to win. I also love the sport of volleyball so playing at the next level intrigued me. Being able to play collegiate sports has been a dream of mine.

6) Have you made a commitment yet? 

Yes I have. February of freshmen year of high school I committed to play volleyball at the University of Kansas. I felt it was the perfect choice as soon as I stepped on campus. I grew up a Jayhawk fan, both of my parents went to school there and it just felt right. The coaching staff is what sold me.

7) How did this last season go for your team and for you personally?

I think this club season has put into perspective for me that you must continuously work and you can’t ever take a day off. Everyone around you is getting better just as you. I believe this season went well as a team, we finished 13th in 18 OPEN. Individually this season has pointed out some weaknesses of my game I need to improve on.

8) Could you elaborate on what you’re doing to improve on those weaknesses?

I’ve been in the weight room every morning from Monday to Thursday. I have been getting in the gym with the high school team, as well as practicing with the MAVS 17 team this summer. My main focus has been working on my footwork as a middle and my eyework on the ball.

9) Since you just moved to the area, how are you adjusting to a new high school volleyball setting?

The adjustment has gone very smooth! I knew a couple of the girls before moving.

10) What are your goals with this coming season being your last go around with high school volleyball?

The biggest goal for me this season would be to help the team go as far as we can this post season and hopefully come out top with a state championship.