Posted On: 08/19/19 7:41 PM

The Prep Dig Nebraska player rankings have been updated (it should be reflected on the website in the coming days), and we are here to breakdown the rankings and give you a little insight as to how it all came together. 

We’ll start by taking a look at the top five players at each position – pin hitters, middles, setters and back-row specialists – in each of the three follow high school graduating classes – 2020, 2021, 2022 – with a watch list to follow of the incoming freshman that comprise the 2023 class. 

As a reminder, these rankings are based on the perceived potential for athletes as it relates to playing in college. Stats have very little to do with it, the club or school you player for has absolutely nothing to do with it and the rankings are always fluid as players develop during the course of their careers. 

What does have the greatest impact on the rankings is performance of the athletes on the court along with inout and advice from high school and college coaches around the state. I can’t stress enough the significance of what college coaches share with me in terms of their opinions

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