Posted On: 12/11/19 2:56 PM

With athletes from the Class of 2020-2023 involved in the Prep Dig Top 250 Expo at TVA in La Vista, there were plenty looking to make statements.  For some it was hoping to catch the eye of college coaches, others it may have been some extra touches to get ready for the club season, and others a mixture of both to get on the radar.   One major statement was from the Class of 2023. These athletes came in with plenty of energy, communication, athleticism, and overall skill. 


The Class of 2023 (which the year 2023 still seems decades away) would be the Freshman class, with most of them competing at the 15s level for this upcoming club season.  Many of these players have not been on the same side of the net together, but that didn’t stop them from frequently communicating with each other where it was a 3 on 3 queens game or a full six on six scrimmage setting.  Clapping with encouragement to get after a ball, calling out sets, and obvious celebration for the great plays. 

Overall Skill

I’ve noticed this throughout my interaction with Nebraska volleyball the past

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