Posted On: 01/16/20 10:54 AM

Nebraska Juniors
Lincoln, NE
Alyssa LeGrand -Director
Coach:  Jacob Haar

I am excited about the potential of this team. We have a good combination of new and veteran players to our club. This team will be athletic, talented, and hard working. The best quality of this team will be that they are competitive and always pushing themselves to get better each practice. This will help us late in tournaments and toward the end of the season at Nationals.

The Nebraska Juniors 16 Black Team will be in good hands with two dynamic setters in Jayna Hope and Brielle Powers running the show. One strong quality of this team would be the versatility of players playing multiple positions across the front row. Evan Glade(OH/OPP), Brooklyn Schuler(MB/OPP), Erison Vonderschmidt (MB/OPP), Ital Lopuyo(MB/OPP), and Brenna Schmidt(MB/OPP). Harlei Cole and Presley Liberty have great ball control and will be controlling the back row and serve receive. Sydney Jelinek and Gracie Woods are strong outsides that are capable to handle their own in the back row and being a strong threat in the front row. Across the board this team will have an aggressive, athletic, and versatile front row that

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