Posted On: 01/8/20 10:35 AM

Prep Dig will be heading to the Quad Cities to take on stop number one of the Tour of Iowa.  Friday night will begin with a showcase from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Volleyball Factory, home of Iowa Select to kick off a fun-filled weekend.  

What is the difference between a Top 250 versus the Prep Dig Iowa Showcase? 

The two events will be very similar, but with any event, there will be tweaks and improvements made from one to the next.  Listed below is our “Run of Show”, but here will be some changes from our Top 250 events: 

We want to highlight all-around play and see the overall athleticism of all athletes in attendance,  we will start the event out with mini-games of skinny court and queens. However, for middle blockers there isn’t always the chance to really show their strengths until positionals along with six on six play.  We will cut down the time on the mini-games at the beginning and devote more time to the positionals for all athletes to really showcase their specialty. 

For being early in the season, quality and competitive touches will continue to enhance the athletes overall ability.  With more time for six on six at the end of the showcase, athletes will get a chance to play with top players and also new players.  

Lauren Hansen of My Recruiting Assistant will be in attendance to chat recruiting throughout the event.  The last 15 minutes will be a recruiting Q and A with Lauren who can answer any questions from the start of the recruiting process to ones who will be closing in on their decision. 

Prep Dig Expo/Showcase Run of Show


Ball Control Warm Up 

Stations – Each court with some type of competitive game to show overall athleticism and all-around play (split court 2 on 2, queens, etc). (Roughly 8 minutes per court) 

Positionals (20 minutes) 

Position Combinations (setters work with hitters, incorporate defensive players) (15 minutes) 

Competition (30 minutes)

Cool Down/Recruiting Questions (athletes cool down/stretch – 15 Minute Recruiting Q and A)


Here is the college coach RSVP
Here is the link to register! 



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