Posted On: 06/18/20 8:57 AM

With our recent release of Indiana’s updated 2021 rankings, we delve a little deeper by singling out our top five middles for the class.

Kayden Holcomb Kayden Holcomb 5'10" | MB Floyd Central | 2021 State IN , 5-10, Union 17 Asics, Floyd Central, Prep Dig #28

Although one of my colleagues has already written about Kayden back in January for the Louisville side of things, I list her in Indiana because of the high school she attends. Union does, however, play in the Pioneer Region in USA, so we’re both right. At any rate, I like fast, athletic middles. Kayden is light on her feet, can hit multiple shots, and beats the lumbering middles in this area with ease. A lot of folks are shying away from her because of her size. In this day and age of volleyball, it’s hard to teach this level of speed and athleticism.

Delaney Garner Delaney Garner 6'1" | MB Hamilton Southeastern | 2021 State IN , 6-1, Academy 17 Elite Tsunami, Hamilton Southeastern, Prep Dig #30

A heavy-armed, do-everything middle is what Delaney brings to the table. At first glance, one might think she’s one of those lumbering middles I alluded to in the paragraph above. Au contraire. Miss Garner touches almost ten feet, can close to both pins quickly, and terminates

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