Posted On: 07/3/20 7:31 AM

We wrap up our week of highlighting positions in our updated rankings by emphasizing the last line of defense. Here are our top five DS options for the Class of 2023 from Indiana.

Reese Baker Reese Baker 5'4" | DS/L Wapahani | 2023 State IN , 5-4, Wapahani, Munciana, Prep Dig #9

It is never a surprise to us Hoosiers that a kid from Munciana tops the list of defensive specialists. The prototypical DS from Delaware County can receive serve, smoothly defends, can easily make the second ball hittable when the setter takes the first, and is a leader on the court that a coach doesn’t have to worry about constantly. Evidenced by this are recent Munciana grads that are current starting liberi at Auburn, Ohio State and Nebraska. Reese follows that line of thinking, and can fit in nicely to receive serve on half the court while defending any of the three back row positions efficiently.

Ramsey Gary Ramsey Gary 5'5" | DS/L Pendleton Heights | 2023 State IN , 5-5, Pendleton Heights, Munciana, Prep Dig #17

Miss Gary has, admittedly by this author, flown under the radar because of the high school she attends. I’ll take the blame for that. In the shadow of other 4A volleyball programs that are superior (read: Yorktown and New Castle), PH

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