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Posted On: 07/23/20 8:53 AM

It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to our update to the newly updated 2023 Prep Dig State Rankings List.  These young ladies had their first taste of Varsity action as Freshmen last season and now that volleyball in Texas has been given the green light, they are ready to solidify their position amongst the big girls.  Don’t let their age fool you, these young ladies can play with the best of them! 


We have added around twenty athletes since our initial State Rankings and a few have moved spots.  The 2023 class is littered with athletes who have so much desire to grow as volleyball players.  We have a series called The Future is Here where we have been introducing a lot of these amazing players from this class.  We will continue that series along with adding a few new series to the mix.  Starting tomorrow we will be introducing and re-introducing players with their official ranking attached to their name. 


We thoroughly appreciate everyone and how much love you have shown us on social media.  Let’s continue to spread the love and help these kids get seen by everyone.  They deserve all of the sharing that you can do.  We would love to add more players to the list as we know that are a lot out there that we are missing.


CLICK HERE for the updated 2023 Prep Dig State Rankings


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