Posted On: 07/30/20 11:58 AM

Prep Dig is coming back to Appleton with running two sessions for Varsity teams on August 19 and 26 with the Sunset Slam to close out the summer. 

With the success of the Prep Dig Sizzle held at the Community First Champions Center July 8-10 and the starting date of high school volleyball moving back to September 7, we want athletes to be able to play more volleyball in a safe environment. 

How does this work? 

Notre Dame Academy

Teams can register under their high school or may register under an independent name.  The day is broken up into three separate waves: 

Wave 1 – 8:30 

Wave 2 – 1:00

Wave 3 – 5:30 

We have found success in this format to keep the numbers inside the facility low where teams will have their own bench area to be in between matches.  Teams will be playing matches back to back to back, but will have time in between to hydrate, grab a snack, and have a quick recovery. 

Based on the feedback from coaches on the Sizzle, we are going to put teams in brackets right away.  With an eight team bracket, teams will be able to compete with other squads of their similar competition level with three matches guaranteed. 

We are also going to work with creating a system where teams can gather outside before their wave in a team area where they can socially distance themselves, staying within their group.  

Coaches, we will do our best to accommodate what your team needs as far as travel time and some schools starting their school year the last week of August. 

Registration is LIVE!  Register for one or BOTH sessions and we will provide a safe environment to play as well as plenty of pictures, video, and coverage all throughout the event.  

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