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This month I will be rolling out some articles that are a little different than we have been writing for the past couple of months.  I will still be doing our regular highlight articles on multiple athletes for exposure, however I wanted to do some special articles on a few special athletes that we are getting to know quite well with Prep Dig TX.   These young ladies volunteered to discuss their upcoming high school season and how they are planning on getting ready for it.  Today is the second one and its a really great read. We have written about her before and I’m sure you will see many articles about her in the future.  Rylee was picked because of her position on her high school team and what they are facing coming into this coming year.  I thought it would be a good idea for our readers to get some insight into what a setter of a team thinks about in regards to her upcoming high school season and a new district.  Without further ado, here is our article on Miss Rylee DavisRyleeDavis5'6" | SMadison | 2022StateTX.


Rylee DavisRyleeDavis5'6" | SMadison | 2022StateTX [2022] 5-8 Setter (HS: Madison/Club: Alamo/Verbal: Uncommitted)

.   [player_tooltip player_id="87500" first="Rylee" last="Davis"] [2022] 5-8 Setter (HS: Madison/Club: Alamo/Verbal: Uncommitted) [caption id="attachment_104473" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo: Sports Recruits Miss Davis is currently ranked as the 35th best player in the state of Texas according to our Prep Dig Player Rankings.  I wrote an article on her and her high school program back in April.  Here is a little from the article on Ry, “Rylee is a silky smooth and super strong setter from nationally known club Alamo Volleyball.  She has been playing against top-level competition for a while now. This experience shows while she plays. She stays calm under pressure and has ball control for days.  The ball just floats off of her hands so smooth right to target.  When you watch her play, you can see the confidence in her every move on the court.  It just exudes from her frame.   There is not a set that she cannot produce on the court with precise location.  She should be on every college coach’s list of setters to watch.  There is no doubt that she should be on a NCAA Div 1 roster in a couple of years. She is primed to help lead Madison to dethrone Reagan and Churchill.”  And she is only getting better.  Rylee is one of those rare young ladies that was born to play the game of volleyball. She is a very gifted athlete who can do it all on the court.  There are many types of setters in the game and Rylee is one of the most athletic in the state.  Her teammates love her and she is very focused when she plays.  She is going up against some stiff competition this year since her young team got realigned in their district.  But I know she will have her team ready to compete.    I discussed who she is as a person at home with her mom, Natalie, and she gave me some really good insight into who Ry really is.  She mentioned a very difficult year that they had last year with Rylee’s father passing away.  But despite the tragedy, Rylee was able to persevere and she still pushed herself academically and athletically.  She has done so well that she is at the top of her class at Madison academically. The mental toughness that this young lady has is astounding.  I would bet all my chips that this young lady has what it takes to be on a college team and take them straight to the top of their conference.     Being able to play in college is way more than just the athletic ability that one possesses.  It is more about the mental toughness that one has and the ability to be a great leader/teammate.  Rylee definitely has that kind of mental toughness and her high school coach agrees. We sat down with Rylee and asked her a few questions about volleyball, dealing with Covid-19 and the upcoming high school season. Here is a little bit of the conversation we had.  We hope you enjoy.   Prep Dig TX:  Why Volleyball?  Why is it so important to you?  What do you love about it? Rylee:  Throughout all of the hardships i’ve endured in my life the one thing that has stayed consistent was my love for the game and how content it makes me feel. It’s my therapy, my best friend, basically my home outside of home. It’s important to me because it gives me a space to let all of the stress of the outside world go. Whenever I play the only thing on my mind is volleyball. What i love most about volleyball is the team camaraderie and lifelong friendships i have built from it.    Prep Dig TX:  What do you love about your position on the court the most? Rylee:  The reason i love being a setter is because of the feeling you get when your hitter gets the kill. It gives me chills just talking about it. It’s mostly a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you did something good for your teammate. I also love being a setter because it’s the centerpoint of the game. I feel like you get to understand the game more specifically when you are in that position.    Prep Dig TX:  What are you looking forward to most this season? Rylee:  I’m looking forward to seeing all of my school teammates, and making more enjoyable memories with them! I’m also looking forward to seeing how much we have improved as a team since last season.    Prep Dig TX:  What do you think your biggest obstacle this year compared to last year’s school season?  How do you plan to overcome it? Rylee:  For us, our teams biggest obstacle this year would be the new teams that have moved into our district. They are both good programs so when the time comes for us to play them we really have to be focused, mentally and physically, on our goal. Which is to obviously win.    Prep Dig TX:  What are three individual goals that you have for this high school season?  Rylee:  Three individual goals for me for this high school season are for me to get 1st team all district, surpass my assists from last season, and have the most aces on the team   Prep Dig TX:  Finish this Sentence…this high school volleyball season I’m going to _____ Rylee:  This school volleyball season I am going to have lots of fun and do whatever i possibly can to help us make it to playoffs!   Prep Dig TX:  What did Covid-19 do to you mentally during this long shutdown?  How have you coped with it? Rylee:  Covid and this shut down has made me really self reflect on what i want my aspirations and philosophy in life to be, due to the lack of activities i’m able to participate in. I’ve coped with this shut down by trying to consume myself with the nature that i have around me. Sitting outside and listening to music is one of my favorite ways to relax.   This young lady is a special person and a special player and I think that schools should take notice of players such as her.  I decided to write a few articles on players such as her so that our readers can get a true understanding of what these athletes go through and how volleyball is a passion for them like it is for many of us.  These players deserve all of the recognition that they can get.  I will be rolling these out throughout the month along with our regular highlight articles that contain multiple athletes.    We will be publishing more articles daily to give the recognition to each athlete that has earned the right to be called a top 100 Texas Volleyball Player.  Stay tuned for more articles on your favorite athletes. If you have anyone you think we should watch out for or that you think have what it takes to be added to our database, please shoot me an email with some info at

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