Photo: Prep Dig

Posted On: 08/8/20 4:32 PM

The new rankings are out and there have been some movers and shakers.  These lists are fluid and with some of the multi-sport athletes hardly getting their feet wet before the shut down, rankings will be updated again after high school season!  Fingers crossed for a full and complete fall season.  Here are a few girls making jumps in the rankings.

Ital Lopuyo Ital Lopuyo 6'6" | MB Omaha Central | 2022 State NE ⇑ 38--6’7" Middle | Omaha Central | Nebraska Juniors
Ital continues to develop and surprise!   She took a giant step in the rankings, moving up 38 spots.  Ital comments that June 15th swept her off her feet.  She’s looking forward to being able to visit the many school who have interest in her.   When asked about her favorite high school memory to date, she states it’s the Senior night match between Omaha Central and Mercy.  They were down 0-2 and came back to win the next 3 sets.  She states her team WANTED it more!  They wanted to compete, they wanted to win, and they did just that!  Ital had 54 kills (.326%) and 41 blocks her sophomore year!  You can watch her in action here: