Posted On: 08/24/20 2:36 PM

With the whirlwind of changes having occurred in the high school volleyball world, Prep Dig is proud to announce the Prep Dig Fall League (PDFL) for high school athletes who will not have a fall season. Here are some details to know heading into the fall:

Prep Dig Fall League

Community First Champion Center

Appleton, WI

Cost: $450

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September 14, 21, 28

October 5, 12

Divisions and Matches

There will be a Varsity and JV Division where teams will have two matches per night (Best 2 out of 3, each set to 25, third set to 15). One up official will be provided where teams will be responsible to provide a scoreboard operator.

Match times will be in two waves: 

Wave 1 – 4:45 and 5:45 (facility will be cleared following the second match)

Wave 2 – 7:15 and 8:15



Teams are encouraged to have a type of jersey with numbers that will help our Prep Dig scouts identify athletes for articles, photos, and video.  Not required, but highly encouraged. 



Teams will be allowed, spectators. Teams may have up to ten spectators per night.  Advanced tickets will be available to purchase which we will release information at a later time. 




Do all teams have to be from the same high school? 

PDFL is geared towards high school Varsity and JV teams.  Teams are encouraged to be from the same high school, however the league is independent and we are leaving it open as to how the roster is filled.  If there are athletes from high schools who cannot field a team, they may combine with other schools to complete their roster.   There is no maximum or minimum for a roster. Teams who are competing for a WIAA sanctioned team in the fall are not allowed to play in this league.


Can fall high school teams reserve a spot if their season were to get suspended or canceled? 

This a question we have received quite often the past week.  This league is for teams who will not have a fall season.  We will not have fall high school teams reserve a spot in the league.  They will be allowed to participate in our Saturday tournaments at the Community First Champion Center (September 12, 19, 26, and October 17) if their seasons get canceled.  Teams who are in season and currently playing on a school-sanctioned high school team would not be allowed to play in this league.  


Will teams and spectators need to wear masks in the Community First Champion Center? 

Prep Dig will comply with the Wisconsin state mandate of wearing a mask indoors which we have done with our recent events and athletes have been absolute rock stars in wearing a mask while playing.  September 28, 2020 is when the mask mandate expires in Wisconsin and we will monitor the situation closely, working with the CFCC in regards to their mask policy as well.  


Who should be the representative for the team? 

We want all teams to have a “Team Rep”.  This would be someone that Prep Dig can contact throughout the season and can also relay information to the whole team.  This would be someone we would contact about ticket information, schedules, payments, and any other details for the team.  The “Team Rep” should be a parent or an adult that will be able to handle communication and logistics between Prep Dig and their team. 


Who is allowed to coach the team? 

All teams must have a “Team Rep”, but as far as a coach it will be up to the decision of the team.  High school coaches are allowed to coach, but we strongly encourage teams to check if that is allowed via their school district and WIAA.  Most teams will have former players, parents, or other coaches that have a connection with the team, or some teams may just coach themselves.  If teams coach themselves, they need to designate a captain. 


Is the Prep Dig Fall League connected to the Prep Dig Saturday tournaments? 

No.  Aside from PDFL, Prep Dig will be running four Saturday tournaments at the Community First Champion Center (September 12, 19, 26, and October 17).  Teams can choose as many tournaments as they would like to participate in.  Between PDFL and our Saturday tournaments, athletes may get up to 20-25 matches this fall season.  Out of state teams are more than welcome to sign up for our Saturday tournaments (more info later this week). 


How Will Registration Work? 

Registration is LIVE.  Payment can be electronic or checks sent to Prep Dig (all information will be on the event page). 

Register HERE

Planning on having a team?  Email in order for Prep Dig to have a preliminary count of teams.