Posted On: 09/5/20 5:38 PM

With the decision to postpone the Minnesota High School Volleyball season, we have seen a fast response and strong effort to keep our players on the court.  Strict precautions have been put in place to protect the athletes and coaches and there is an overwhelming feeling of assurance that health and safety can be maintained while still allowing players a chance to compete.  Here are look at a few of the top Fall Leagues.

North Star Volleyball United Fall League:  With a Fall program already in place for younger ages, the addition of 9-12 grade was a smooth one.  The teams were formed on the same day that high school was scheduled to begin.  They compare their format to that of a play day in the Molten series.  Athletes will practice two times a week and play on the weekend.  In most cases, they will get to play two matches.  The feedback on the league has created quite a buzz, and is drawing more players from all over.  Kokoro does a fantastic job running the league.

  • While we don’t know exact players and team rosters yet, we do know top teams will include players from Vital Volleyball, Kokoro Volleyball Club, M1 and Minnesota Select.   There will also be others from outside the metro traveling for the opportunity.  

2020 Fall Friendly Players League:  The innovators leading the way at North Country Volleyball region have created a unique opportunity for players too.  A relaxed style of competition allows players to lead and grow the league.  They are encouraged to form their own teams.  They will also play two matches but they will be held on weeknights.  They have formed division similar to high school set up.  Their efforts to keep the cost low ($50/week per team), and the laid back style will generate an enjoyable chance to participate for all.

  •   It does appear that they will allow spectators and you know we will be watching!

Northern Lights High School Fall League:  Lights has opted for a league that supports high school teams staying together to play during the fall.  They also have their clinics for high school players.  It appears their clinic is full but they still have openings for high school teams looking to play on weekends.

  •   This option creates opportunity for teams and individual alike.  

And while there is no word on whether events will be live streamed or not, we encourage you to respond to this article with insight on who is playing where.  Good luck to all the die-hard athletes; be safe and enjoy the opportunity.