Posted On: 09/17/20 11:37 AM

While we are all making the most of the second half of 2020, we are sure excited to flip that calendar to 2021. Prep Dig will be kicking off the new year right away with the Prep Dig Resolution in Appleton, Wisconsin with the Prep Dig Resolution January 2-3. Two weeks later we’ll be heading to the Quad Cities to TBK Sports Complex in Bettendorf, Iowa, home of Platform Elite, for the Quad Cities Clash.

2020 at a Glance

Prep Dig started with the Prep Dig Resolution with nearly 60 teams in the first major volleyball tournament of 2020 at one of the top facilities in the country in the Community First Champion Center in Appleton. With eight courts, mezzanine seating for spectators, and a strong contingent of teams from the Fox Valley and Wisconsin it was a success to start the club season. The facility also features two other arenas with both being used for hockey, with the seasonal arena being converted into four basketball and volleyball courts.
The last event Prep Dig was able to run before the start of quarantine was the Tour of Iowa Showcase held at the Volleyball Factory in Davenport, Iowa, home to Iowa Select. Prep Dig will making a return trip to the Volleyball Factory on February 5 prior to a stop on the “Tour of Iowa” to be hosted by Iowa Select.
With all events on hold throughout the Spring, Prep Dig worked tirelessly to create events that would be safe, spacious, and competitive providing a chance for athletes to compete. With an opportunity to go back to the Champion Center in Appleton, Wisconsin, Prep Dig was able to host the Sizzle in July, two Sunset Slams in August, a Summer Showcase at Milwaukee Sting, and is currently running a Monday night fall league for teams who have moved their season to the spring as well as Saturday tournaments.

What’s In Store For 2021?

At Prep Dig Events, we feature competitive matches and also an experience that starts before the event and lasts well after. With our team of scouts, we are full of previews highlighting top players and teams, provide plenty of social media throughout the event, and once the event is complete there are highlight videos, plenty of pictures on our Prep Dig Facebook pages, and multiple articles recapping a successful event.
We also have an outreach beyond the gym. We have all of our events streaming live through BallerTV and have over 125 college coach subscribers where we are able to feature players throughout our events and keep the pulse of what is going on in prep volleyball throughout the country. Our scouts attend events live or watch through streaming services to have a full grasp of who we are covering, what is to come, and telling the story of these athletes who have been working tirelessly at their craft despite the challenges of Covid-19.

What’s Next?
Registration opens for our events on October 1 on AES (Advanced Events System), but we also have an event page where all of our events are listed.

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