Posted On: 09/14/20 10:28 AM

Tonight, we kickoff the Prep Dig Fall League with 40 matches being played at the Community First Champion Center in Appleton, Wisconsin.  With school districts having an option to play in the fall or spring, this league is for JV and Varsity squads who will have their high school season in the spring.  Here is everything parents and athletes need to know heading into the Prep Dig Fall League from checking in, watching the matches, playing the matches, and even how to exit.  Let’s do it. 

For Players/Team Personnel:

All players and team personnel (coach, scoreboard operator, video, and parent rep – each team will get FOUR wristbands for player personnel) will check in as a team BEHIND the Champion Center (to avoid congestion and with the weather being favorable tonight, please park in the side or front of the facility).  We will start check-in 45 minutes prior to the start of the wave (1st Wave Check-In 4:00 and 2nd Wave at 6:15). Players will have a temperature check at the door and will go to their team area where they may proceed to warm up. 

We will have one Up Official while one of the teams will have a scoreboard operator so all players can be with their team and not worry about a scoreboard.  Teams are responsible for their own warm-up volleyballs.  Teams will have time to warm up prior to their first match.  15 minutes prior to the start we will have one team have the full court to swing and serve from 15 minutes to 8 minutes and the other from 8 minutes to 1 minute.  This is similar to what we have done at our Prep Dig Events this summer. 

For Parents: 

Parents Reps should fill out this form to let the Champion Center know how many tickets you will need for the wave (maximum of 10): Click Here For Ticket Form

There will be a table outside of the Champion Center where the rep can pick up the wristbands for the parents.  The wristbands are good for that particular wave that week.  We will send out a new form each week for parent reps to fill out.  We will start distributing envelopes of wristbands to parents 30 minutes prior to the start of the wave.  

Entering and Exiting The Facility Between Waves: 

Players – Enter from the back of the Champion Center, exit towards the main entrance of the Champion Center

Parents – Enter from the main entrance of the Champion Center, exit towards the main entrance of the Champion Center

How To Watch:

BallerTV will be covering all courts for the Prep Dig Fall League

Baller TV Link