Posted On: 11/10/20 10:44 AM

The Wisconsin Top 250 has evolved from our first ever event in Wisconsin in December 2018 with right around 100 athletes to two sessions with over 200 athletes that will compete at the Milwaukee Sting Center on Saturday, November 21.  Session two, which is composed of athletes from the Class of 2023 and 2024, is full!  However, we do have spots open to all athletes in the Class of 2021-2024 open, registration is still open for the morning session from 9-11. 

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What Does Top 250 Mean? 

Across our network of states we cover there are up to 250 players ranked and can play at the college level.  Sometimes more, sometimes less, but the purpose of the showcase is to allow all athletes who want to play at the college level a chance to play together while also gaining exposure in regards to college coaches.  We will have video, photographers, and plenty of articles relating to the event before and after to provide a positive experience for all involved. 

What Is All Done In The Two Hour Showcase? 

Athletes will be able to show their overall skill in a variety of “Queens”, 4 v 4, positional breakdown, and 6 vs 6 drills.  This is a fast paced run of show where athletes will get to work with each other on different courts, switching setters, middles, getting a chance to not only show their athleticism and volleyball ability, but also how they work as a teammate in a variety of settings.  

What are the benefits of attending a Top 250 for each class? 

Seniors!  There are still colleges who are looking for unsigned Seniors.  We are in uncharted waters with the volleyball world of Covid where teams will have players leave, coaches may be switching jobs to other schools, and opportunities may arise when least expected.  There will be schools coming to watch the showcase specifically looking for athletes in the Class of 2021.  This is a very low-risk environment to showcase your skills and see what can happen from playing for a couple of hours. 

Juniors!  The recruiting tends to heat up, a sense of urgency begins to kick in, and Juniors are starting to look at schools and hopefully start making visits, even if they may be unofficial.  This event is great to start connecting with coaches because coaches of ALL divisions can communicate with Juniors.  The ones that are able to attend the showcase can even talk to you afterwards.  This is a great way to kickstart your recruiting heading into the club season. 

Freshmen and Sophomores! Play and have fun!  This is a great way to connect with athletes across the state and play with high level players.  This also helps the Prep Dig Scouts see you before the club season and have you on our radar.  With the club season getting wiped out after the beginning of March, we did not get to see a lot of 15s play.  We are playing catch up!  For Division 1 and Division 2 schools, they cannot contact you until June 15 after your Sophomore year.  However, you can contact them and introduce yourself.  Definitely use articles and any coverage we provide to send them as well as updated highlight videos!