Posted On: 12/30/20 3:35 PM

To say the least it has been an interesting year in the sports world and volleyball is no different. On Thursday March 12, the world began to change drastically as the Covid 19 pandemic hit the United States, cutting into a great club season of volleyball and changing volleyball from club to college. In fact I was at my daughter’s club practice the night before and my other daughter’s practice that night on the 12th. Who would’ve thought that would be the last time they would practice for that club season? Despite the circumstances, club directors, athletic administration, coaches, players, parents came together to make summer camps and the Nebraska High School season work and work safely and successfully. The first time my girls got to go to a volleyball camp was June 3rd at The Volleyball Academy in LaVista. It was fun, safe and gave my girls a sense of normalcy in a crazy world! Kudos to The Volleybal Academy! 

Here is a look at some of my top volleyball memories and highlights from 2020!

The Concordia Team Camp in July:


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