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The Prep Dig Resolution is days away.  It’s a new year, a fresh start, and a chance for everyone to kick off the club season and 2021 with a positive start (something we all need right now). 

However, there will be parts of 2020 that will travel with us into 2021 which will include restrictions on spectators at events.  At Prep Dig, (under the umbrella of Prep Network that also has Prep Girls Hoops, Prep Hoops, and Prep Redzone), we have run events across the country where each place has their own set of guidelines that we abide by.  We are running this event under the guidelines of Grand Chute (a village of Appleton) where the Community First Champion Center is located and will allow eight spectators per team at both facilities to maintain consistency within the event. 

How Does This Work? 

Being a former 6th-grade teacher, I always felt like students and people, in general, are able to understand new concepts in the format of a story.  I always use “Suzy” as the name in my stories to provide an example.  In this case, Suzy will be our example of how ticket purchasing will work for the Prep Dig Resolution. 

Meet Suzy, a mom who has volunteered to be a team parent for her daughter playing for Hype Elite 16 Purple.  She will fill out the following Google Form to notify Prep Dig and the Community First Champion Center of how many wristbands they will need.  She selects eight wristbands for Saturday because that is the max amount allowed for each wave.  She will collect the eight wristbands at the main entrance 30 minutes prior to her daughters wave starting and pay for all of the wristbands (we do accept card) all at once for Saturday and distribute them to parents on her team (we want only one person picking up the tickets per team).  We will not let parents in until the spectators from the previous wave have cleared. 

Parent Rep Ticket Form

But, There Are Less Wristbands Than The Number of Players? 

True.  We want to accommodate as many parents as possible.  We will allow parents to exchange wristbands with other parents within their wave at the main door.  We are prepared for this.  Suzy has worked out that she will watch the first match of the wave and her husband will meet her at the main door where they can switch spots and he can watch the last two.  We have to have to stay under a certain number of people within the facility.  Think of it as a substitution.  One person in and one person out, spectators can manage their wristbands for the wave however they want to. 

What About Sunday? 

We are not going to do weekend passes.  We are going to keep it simple and make it 8 spectators per wave.  What Suzy did in regards to tickets on Saturday, she will do the same thing again on Sunday.  We have a spot on the form for each day in regards to how many tickets their team needs.  She (or another parent) will go to the main table to pick up the tickets, pay for it all at once for Hype Elite 16 Purple and distribute wristbands for parents and from there they can decide how they want to use them within the group much like they did on Saturday. 

Will My Wristband Work For Another Wave? 

We are treating each wave as their own, meaning if you buy a wristband to watch your daughter play at 8 AM, you would have to buy another wristband through your other daughter’s team at 6 PM.  Each wave will have a specific color of wristbands so we are able to keep our waves organized with the number of spectators we have in the building. This will apply to the CCFC and The Barn at LakePark. 

What About Coaches and Parent Chaperones?

Coaches and Parent Chaperones will receive a wristband for the weekend separate from the spectator wristbands.  This will allow them floor access at the CCFC (the facility is split between the court for player/team personnel and mezzanine seating for spectators).  The parent chaperone can also be the one to pick up the tickets for the team and distribute them.  The parent chaperone can be used in a variety of ways for the team.  Some will use the chaperone as an additional coach, a utility gopher, or video.  They do not need to be listed on Sports Engine, AES, or Badger Region.  A parent chaperone is not allowed to exchange their wristband during the wave. 

Are College Coaches Allowed to Attend? 

Yes, but we ask them to register in advance that they will be attending.  We have a link where college coaches can sign up and they can come to the player/coach entrance which will be to the North of the main entrance at the CCFC.  If college coaches cannot attend, we will be streaming all courts on BallerTV. 

College Coach RSVP Link 

What’s Next? 

Let’s play ball.  For some of these athletes, they haven’t played in an official tournament since March of 2020.  There will be nerves, but most of all an opportunity that so many kids have been waiting for.  This weekend is definitely a reason to celebrate a near year at the Prep Dig Resolution.

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