Cordelia Harbison, 2022, OH, Lexington High School.

Posted On: 12/7/20 9:17 PM

I was so impressed with the players that I watched at the Nebraska Prep Dig Top 250 this weekend!  I sensed the excitement building as soon as I walked in the door.  So many really highly respected athletes all in one was impressive.  I have missed the sounds of a full gym this year during our times we were not allowed to play and I am thankful we all had an opportunity to evaluate and enjoy our time in the gym today.   Let’s talk about the hitters I saw on court two this morning.

Lilly (Elizabeth) Rowe, 2022, OH, Columbus Lakeview High School.

98 - Elizabeth Rowe (2022, OH, Columbus Lakeview High School)

Lilly is a 5'9" OH from Columbus Lakeview High School who had 3.6 KPS, 43 aces with a 93.4% serve efficiency, 35 total blocks, 4.1 DPS, and 40 assists.  That is quite a year for any player.  My notes, paraphrased, say that she is a good hitter with straight down, good angles.  I also noted that she has a great platform in the back row and is really accurate when she hits.  Great

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