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Posted On: 01/3/21 9:31 AM

The 2021 volleyball season is starting off in a bit of a holding pattern like most of 2020.

As high school volleyball attempts to wrap up its 2020 season over the next few weeks, club teams are still making an effort to get their 2021 seasons underway.

We start our club previews with Legacy Volleyball Club, one of the premiere clubs in the state and the region.


Sydney Palazzolo Sydney Palazzolo 6'2" | OH Utica Eisenhower | 2021 State MI

Eric Lindstrom will be coaching this group of 2021 graduates. Leading the team will be Miss Volleyball finalist Sydney Palazzolo Sydney Palazzolo 6'2" | OH Utica Eisenhower | 2021 State MI (High Point) on the outside, as well as setter Grace Allread Grace Allread 5'9" | S West Bloomfield | 2021 State MI (Liberty). This squad should also have a great defensive base behind Julia Blaney (Grand Valley State) and Hannah Blaney Hannah Blaney 5'5" | DS/L Saline | 2021 State MI (Rhode Island). Joining Palazzolo on the outside will be Henly Sleight (Grand Valley State), Jaden Rice Jaden Rice 6'0" | OH Northville | 2021 State MI and Laryssa Imbuzeiro (Niagara). The middles will be a real force for 18-1 ADIDAS as well. Reagan Goeke Reagan Goeke 6'2" | MB Lake Orion | 2021 State MI (Pepperdine) can be a dominant player at the net. She is joined by Sydney Reed Sydney Reed 6'1" | MB Northville | 2021 State MI (Grand Canyon) and Emma LaBarge Emma LaBarge 6'0" | MB Oxford | 2021 State MI (Angelo State). This team will be looking to compete in the upper half of the national picture while trying to contend to be one of the top 18’s in the state this year.


Serena Nyambio Serena Nyambio 6'2" | MB Country Day | 2022 State MI

Coached by Bryan Lindstrom, this squad has big aspirations for 2021 after bringing over Serena Nyambio Serena Nyambio 6'2" | MB Country Day | 2022 State MI (Michigan) to the club. The explosive talent from Country Day gives this squad a dominant set of middles alongside Cari Bohm Cari Bohm 6'4" | MB Ann Arbor Skyline | 2022 State MI (Illinois) and Elizabeth Adams. On the outside, Jada Divita Jada Divita 6'0" | OH Grosse Pt. South | 2022 State MI (Lipscomb) is a new addition and will fit in nicely alongside captain Sydney Tomlak Sydney Tomlak 5'11" | OH Stoney Creek | 2022 State MI (Duke), Audrey Brown Audrey Brown 5'11" | OH Seaholm | 2022 State MI and Mikayla Keefer. Karlee Stoll Karlee Stoll 5'7" | S Anchor Bay | 2022 State MI and Lauren Lee Lauren Lee 5'9" | S Skyline | 2022 State MI are two very talented setters that will be able to keep this offense running smoothly. Defensively, 17-1 ADIDAS has a trio of Summer Jidas Summer Jidas 5'5" | DS/L Clarkston | 2022 State MI , Bianca Giglio Bianca Giglio 5'10" | RS Notre Dame Prep | 2022 State MI and Jacoby Flynn Jacoby Flynn 5'9" | S Rochester Adams | 2022 State MI . All bring their own strengths to the back row. With the firepower this squad has, competing to be a top-20 team nationally should be a goal. To do that, it will have a heated competition to win the top squad in the state.


Harper Murray Harper Murray 6'2" | OH Skyline | 2023 State MI

This squad has established itself as one of the best in the nation over the last two years. In the shortened 2020 season, they were 33-0 with four tournament championships, including Triple Crown. The entire team remains intact and is coached by Ricky and Jennifer Cottrill. Leading the squad is outside Harper Murray Harper Murray 6'2" | OH Skyline | 2023 State MI , who is one of the top prospects in the Class of 2023 nationally. Murray is able to raise the game of everyone around her, but she plays with some other talented hitters in Nina Horning Nina Horning 6'3" | OH Lake Orion | 2023 State MI and Rebecca Apsey Rebecca Apsey 6'0" | RS Groves | 2023 State MI . Joining the squad is another outside talent, Kamryn Hunt from Ohio. In the middle, Legacy has Abby Reck and Laurece Abraham Laurece Abraham 6'1" | MB Country Day | 2023 State MI to compliment the outsides. Running the offense is Erin Kline Erin Kline 6'2" | S Mercy | 2023 State MI , one of the top setters in the region. 16-1 ADIDAS also has a wealth of talent on defense. Kaitlyn Hoffman Kaitlyn Hoffman 5'8" | DS/L Novi | 2023 State MI has earned national recognition for her play. She is accompanied by Paige Elliott Paige Elliott 5'6" | S Country Day | 2023 State MI , Allison Berent Allison Berent 5'6" | DS/L Notre Dame Prep | 2023 State MI and Sarah Vallucci. Those three all can play multiple positions, just adding to the flexibility of the roster. With this squad, it’s certainly not unreasonable to feel like it should compete to be one of the best in the nation again in 2021.


Coached by Tyler Strom, this is a relatively new squad. With not much of a 2020 season to go off of, there will probably be some bumps in the road early for 15-1 ADIDAS. Leading the pack is Ohio setter Lucy Mott and lefty RS Natalie Kerchevall, who is also from Ohio. Joining Kerchevall on the outside is Cayla Cogan Cayla Cogan 5'9" | OH Clarkston | 2024 State MI , a Clarkston freshman with a lot of potential and explosiveness. Kate Loch Kate Loch 5'11" | OH South Lyon East | 2023 State MI and Ava Thomas Ava Thomas 5'9" | OH Northville | 2024 State MI will also be a force. Loch is a member of the Class of 2023. In the middle, Johanna Tillman Johanna Tillman 6'2" | MB Dakota | 2024 State MI , Mallory Bohl Mallory Bohl 6'3" | MB Saline | 2024 State MI and Brooke Foucher Brooke Foucher 5'11" | MB St. Clair | 2024 State MI will handle duties. Bohl already stands 6’3” and should develop into a dominant middle over the next few years. Defensively, Lexi Smith Lexi Smith 5'2" | DS/L Anchor Bay | 2024 MI (2023) and Ashlee Gnau Ashlee Gnau 5'6" | DS/L Northville | 2024 State MI will be ready to take on the top hitters Legacy will face. There are a lot of question marks for this team, but a very high ceiling. It should compete to be the best in the state and for a top 20-40 spot nationally.

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