Posted On: 01/4/21 3:17 PM

How about that freshman class?!?! Some of them made a huge impact on their team this year. Some saw time on the varsity court. Some played back-up roles. Some played on the scout team.

And wow! We have some movers and shakers and will see many make a huge difference on their varsity teams in the next year or two. Lots of freshmen throughout the state eager to put in time during the off-season to be on the varsity court during their sophomore campaign. 

The 2024 rankings will be available on Tuesday, January 5!!! Check back all week for more information on the movers, shakers, and newcomers!


Player rankings are a constant work in progress, especially with athletes at the 15s and 16s level.  Some players hit their stride at different times and for others, it’s a matter of getting their chance whether it’s high school or club.  We seek feedback from coaches around the state and are always looking to add names as well as update information.  For the players, your ranking does not define you.  This is a list that is a resource for schools, it’s fun to see athletes from across the state, and is a great way to connect players with each other as well as coaches throughout the country.