Posted On: 01/14/21 2:49 PM

Anyone out there making a list for a volleyball tournament this weekend?  At Prep Dig, we made one for you.  The first tournament can be a little frantic, there are nerves, but most of all excitement.  Here are a few essentials that we have gathered for players, coaches, parents, and even college coaches as they head to the Quad Cities Clash. 



Masks, Multiple Masks 

Hand sanitizer 

Multiple water bottles

Quick nutrition to have in between matches (There will be no concessions at Volleyball Factory) 

Updated University Athlete Profile 

Email list of colleges you are interested and let them know they can attend in person if their division and institution allows or can watch all matches on BallerTV 



Masks, Multiple Masks

Hand Sanitizer 

Med Kit (we will have trainers at both facilities) 

Upload ALL rosters on to AES – We will not collect rosters, but HIGHLY suggest putting them on AES so we are able to write about your athletes as well as tag photos of them. 

Volleyballs (you can bring a ball cart) 

Have a rep who will be able to be a scorekeeper for your team (they do not need any certification) – can also be another coach or player. 



Masks, Multiple Masks 

Hand Sanitizer 

You will purchase wristbands at the facilities (2 spectators per player at TBK, 1 spectator per player at Volleyball Factory).  We will do this each day, there will be no weekend passes.  Tickets are $8 at both facilities. IT WILL BE CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ONLY AT VOLLEYBALL FACTORY. 

We will not allow spectators in until we empty out the prior wave.  Players will enter with their team first before we start allowing parents to enter.  

Download Advanced Events System (AES) app or know how to navigate it on your web browser to track schedules – Quad Cities Clash Schedule

Know who will be the parent scorekeeper, they may check in with the team. 

-Struggling to find someone to keep book?  It can be a player or coach from another wave. 

Let your family and friends who cannot make it that every court will be on BallerTV 

Link To Event on BallerTV

Tutorial on How To Keep Scorebook


College Coaches 

Masks, Multiple Masks 

Register on University Athlete and receive all player information.  Colleges Attending – University Athlete Page

Scout the schedule on AES (17/18s AM / 15/16s PM) 

Register on BallerTV to watch matches online if you are unable to be in attendance 

Follow @prepdigchris and @breitnelson for live updates and @prepdigrachel tuning in on BallerTV where they will be most active during the event on Twitter as they will be providing updates and video all weekend.