Posted On: 01/7/21 11:03 AM

The 2021 club season is here and it may look a little different than a “typical” club season.  Schedules may look different, there may be fewer spectators, but we will still find a way for athletes and coaches to do what they love to do.  At the Quad Cities Clash, we have teams participating from three states, all coming from various Covid guidelines.  We have run events over the past six months under various covid guidelines and have continuously made adjustments.  Here is everything parents, coaches, and athletes need to know heading into the Prep Dig Quad Cities Clash from checking in, watching the matches, playing the matches, and even how to exit.  Let’s do it. 

For Players/Team Personnel:

  • All players and team personnel (two coaches, club director, team scorekeeper, and each rostered player will be given a team wristband upon entry). 
  • All coaches need to monitor the symptoms and proper mask wear of their athletes.   
  • All who are in the facility will need to wear a mask, players included while playing. We will not post or use any pictures in our articles or social media of our athletes improperly wearing a mask
  • Teams are responsible for their own warm-up volleyballs and will provide a gameball as well. 
  • Athletes will be playing back to back to back with some short breaks in between their matches. With limited time between matches, athletes may bring in carry-ins that would be good for eating between matches.

Why Does Prep Dig Have a Mask Mandate? 

Prep Dig has had athletes playing in a mask since August 1, 2020.  Since August 1, we have had 15 events between Wisconsin and Nebraska where athletes have had to play in masks.  When working with teams and athletes from a variety of states, we have taken a safe approach and have had successful and safe events with athletes wearing a mask.  This is a fluid situation during the Covid-19 pandemic where we will continue to monitor the situation.

Play Format

  • To keep from falling behind on courts we will do a three-set winner by two, 21-21-15 no matter the outcome. We want teams to maximize the number of sets and points.
  • Only the teams that are playing will be in the facility.  We will not have reffing assignments.  
  • Saturday results will not affect Sunday matchups. All first matches (at least) will be predetermined.
  • Each team needs to provide a scorekeeper. They can be a parent, coach, or player, we have our own insurance and will not require any USA, JVA, or AAU certification.
  • To keep things on time we will do 3 minutes for warm-up between matches 
  • There will be an Up official but we will not have line judges or a down ref.
  • In planning this event we are putting a priority on quality of competition, number of touches, and a safe environment for athletes and spectators.
  • Teams will not switch sides between sets
  • Teams will not shake hands before or after the match


We are still in the “Covid-Era” of volleyball where we are wearing masks, monitoring spectators, and with that comes a change in how we schedule our events.  We believe at this point in the season, we want to give teams competitive matches that best suit their level.  This will come with a predetermined schedule to allow for teams to prepare their travel along with Prep Dig being able to monitor numbers more closely for the number of teams and spectators coming in and out of the facility. 

In previous club tournaments, there is typically an AM Wave and PM Wave.  We will do something similar, but we do have to keep the number of athletes and spectators in mind.  For that reason, we are breaking the day into four waves. 

An item to note would be Saturday and Sunday are treated as two separate days.  Saturday, teams will be placed in pools of four and Sunday will be a four-team bracket that is predetermined so teams can plan accordingly with spectators and numbers.

BallerTV will be streaming all courts as well at both facilities. 

For Parents/Spectators: 

Our Network has worked with facilities across the country.  This has provided us with plenty of experience in working with spectators while also maintaining the safety of the event. 

15s-18s at TBK Sport Complex – Bettendorf – 2 spectators per player

13s-14s at The Volleyball Factory (Iowa Select) – Davenport – 1 spectator per player

Each spectator will receive a wristband for that particular wave their daughter is playing in.  For example, “The Smith” family has a daughter playing in Wave 1, they have another daughter playing in Wave 3.  They will need to buy a new wristband for Wave 3 that will be a different color than their wristband in Wave 1.  

We will empty out the facility after each wave in order to maintain a safe number of people within the building.  

Players/Coaches may enter 30 minutes prior to the start of their wave.  Please do not gather outside the facility.  We need to allow room for athletes and spectators to exit from their wave.  Athletes will be allowed in first before spectators. 

College Coaches

College coaches are allowed to attend in person if their division and institution allows it.  College coaches will receive a wristband that will be the same as coaches at check in.  When the link is live, college coaches can register through University Athlete.  Athletes, make sure you register for University Athlete and keep your profiles updated throughout the season. 


There will be no concessions besides vending machines for drinks at the Volleyball Factory.  Teams may bring in small carry-in to both facilities.  Remember, there is no off time between matches, plan accordingly with water, sports drinks, and a small snack for whatever quick nutrition you may need between matches. 


Prep Dig will be providing coverage throughout the weekend.  In regards to articles, we will tag Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin since we have teams from those states participating. 

On Twitter: 




Prep Dig recently ran the Prep Dig Resolution, posting four photo albums on our Prep Dig Facebook pages that had over 600 photos over the course of the tournament. 

Athletes, please use our articles, social media, and pictures in reaching out to college coaches. 

What Should Teams Bring? 

-Masks (bring multiple per athlete to use throughout the day as they will get sweaty or could break)

-Hand sanitizer

-Their own warm-up volleyballs (ball carts are allowed)

-Carry-Ins are allowed as concessions will be limited.  Something quick to eat between matches is encouraged to keep nutrition in mind.