Posted On: 02/6/21 8:00 AM

Sixteen teams will be featured in 18U Power League matches played at Wichita Hoops on February 7.

Here is a look at four players from the two of the club teams competing in Pool C action. Pool C includes the following teams; Shockwave 18-1, Invasion 18-3, 417 Juniors 18-1, and Highlands 18-1.

L, Leah Bentley Leah Bentley 5'6" | DS/L Buhler | 2021 State KS , 5’6”, Shockwave 18-1 (Buhler) – Shockwave 18-1 has two players from Buhler High School that make-up the core of the team. Bentley is a talented Libero, who has signed to play at Washburn. She is a high-quality defensive player with a high college ceiling.

OH, Hadley Waldron Hadley Waldron 6'0" | OH Buhler | 2021 State KS , 6’0”, Shockwave 18-1 (Buhler) – Waldron is teammates with Bentley during both the high school and club season but will be on opposing courts in college. The Shockwave pen will be playing her college ball for the Northwest Missouri State. Waldron has a solid swing and had a knack for finding open spots on the court.

RS, Katy Harris, 6’0”, Highlands 18-1 (Atchison) – Harris is a talented two-sport star. She plays both volleyball and basketball for Atchison. She is a big jumper and she hits the ball with authority.

MH, Mia Tapko Mia Tapko 6'0" | MB Shawnee Mission South | 2021 State KS ,6’0”, Invasion 18-3 (Shawnee Mission South) – The Power League tournament will provide a chance for Tapko to impress scouts. She is an underrated talent who plays full-speed and who can cause disruption at the net.