Posted On: 02/22/21 9:55 AM

Gulfside 17U Prime – 1st Place in 17 Open  

Brayden Hipp – 5’8” – S – Class of 2022 

Brayden Hipp is a knockout setter for Gulfside 17 Prime. Not only does Brayden run the offense with her smart setting, but she is also one of the top-scoring players on the team. Her greatest talent is her ability to read the opposite defense and attack the second contact with a powerful swing. In addition to her ability to set and attack, Brayden is also a talented blocker on defense. Overall, Brayden’s club and high school team greatly benefit from her athletic ability, leadership, and experience on the court. 


Breanah Rives – 6’1” – OH – Class of 2023

Breanah Rives is an essential offensive and defensive player for Gulfside 17 Prime. In the back row, Breanah moves low and efficiently on defense. However, Breanah’s greatest moments are in the front row where she gets to show off her powerful attacks. She is a player that is fun to watch on offense with her high-energy attacks from any position on the net. 


Gainesville Juniors 16 -1 – 2nd Place in 17 Open

Jaycee Davis – 5’8” – OH – Class of 2023 

Jaycee Davis is a dynamic hitter and blocker on this 16’s GJ1 team. Jaycee moves fast on the net and faster on her swing creating a note-worthy attack. As one of the top scorers on her team, Jaycee is well on her way to becoming a top contender and a must-watch player at the pre-qualifiers to come in the next few weeks of the season.  


Brooklyn Tealer – OH – Class of 2024 

Brooklyn Tealer is a young, but energetic attacker on the Gainesville Juniors 16 -1 team. As only a freshman, she lacks the experience of most other 17’s playing in this division, but she makes up for it in her athletic abilities and natural talent on the court. Brooklyn has proven that she can swing and block on the most competitive teams and find success. 


Gia McGrew – 5’11” – MB – Class of 2024 

Rounding out the offensive system on the GJ1 16’s team is Gia McGrew with her smart middle blocking and hitting. Gia is a young, but talented hitter and blocker that makes the competition think twice before swinging into her block. Her success on the net comes from a combination of her tallness, her ability to jump high over the net, and her great timing.