Posted On: 03/22/21 3:52 PM

The weekend rounded out the 3 Midwest Power League Tournaments.  Continuing on from week 2 ( here’s some more standouts who caught my eye.

Masa Scheierman Masa Scheierman 6'0" | OH York | 2022 State NE | York HS | VCNebraska 17 Elite | 6-rotation OH | 2022
Masa is a very solid 6-rotation outside hitter.  She can be counted on to pass dimes and finish with the kill.  Scheierman is long and quick to get to the ball.  She's a playmaker and a leader on the court.  You can watch some highlights here:  

Sydney Jelinek Sydney Jelinek 5'10" | OH Norris | 2022 State NE | Norris HS | Nebraska Juniors 17 Black | OH | 2022
Jelinek is a physical attacker.  I've watched her play for her Norris team too and it appears she's looking to expand her 3-rotation role into a 6-rotation role as she was playing all around during Power League.  She's got a nice reach and hits hard.  She's a multi-sport athlete, also playing basketball, and is back for club season with her Nebraska Junior team. You can watch her highlights here:

Kate Galvin Kate Galvin 5'7" | DS/L Millard North | 2022 State NE | Millard North | Premier 17 Black | L/DS

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