Posted On: 03/23/21 2:25 PM

Prep Dig Illinois is undergoing a massive update!  More players to be written about, more teams covered, and now with high school and club going on at the same time, there is plenty to be covered. However, we need your help! 

Prep Dig Illinois Player Info Form

A valuable resource for Prep Dig is our Watchlist and Rankings.  To be clear, a ranking does not define who you are as a person or player, but is a major resource for college coaches to see where you are playing for high school and club as well as if an athlete is uncommitted in regards to where they are going to college.  We want to be a one-stop shop for schools to find information on players.  In order for that to happen, we strive for accuracy.  Below is a Prep Dig Illinois Player Info Survey (no personal information will be collected), we want the basic information that will be shown on our website with is: 





High School: 


If Committed, Where: 


We are currently building a “Watch List” with the Class of 2024 and working our way up to the Class of 2022.  On national rankings, athletes will be ranked up to 100 or more in the nation.  We strive for that within the state.  Yes, we will rank up to 150 players in each class within the state.  This provides a solid database that is accessible to college coaches of all levels. 


Please consider filling out our player survey to better provide accurate information on our Prep Dig Illinois website.

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