Posted On: 03/5/21 9:53 AM

Prep Dig will be coming to Indiana for the first time after events in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Illinois. This event will be from 6:30-8:30 at The Academy Volleyball Club in Indianapolis the night before the Adidas Naptown Jamboree. 

What is a showcase?  Prep Dig covers athletes of all levels, all year round, and a showcase is a chance for athletes to compete against others who are looking to play at the next level.  We offer a run of show that is fast-paced with plenty of repetitions for athletes to show college coaches attending live and virtually what they have to offer.  All athletes will receive a Prep Dig T-Shirt, Profile Picture, a personalized tweet announcing their attendance at the event, and their information sent to all coaches who RSVP to the event.  Prep Dig scouts will be in attendance providing plenty of pictures, video, social media updates, and taking notes for articles and evaluations following the event.   The showcase is open to any athlete looking to play at the next level and any coach to evaluate as their division rules permit. 

Registration is LIVE!   Athletes will receive a welcome tweet from our Prep Dig accounts and their names will be sent to the list of college coaches who RSVP to our event! 

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Here is a typical run of show: 

  • Introduction/Warm-Up
  • Stations (Various games of queens, split court, testing)
  • Positional breakdown
  • Position combinations (setters work with hitters, incorporate defensive players)
  • 6 on 6 free ball, wash drills, competition
  • Cool down/recruiting questions
  • Closing remarks

What Adjustments Have Been Made For 2020? 

More Court Support 

We will have more coaches that are able to give feedback and assist in allowing athletes to showcase their skills.  From wash drills, 6 on 6 competition, and skill breakdown, having more coaches to assist in the overall flow of the event will make everything much more efficient. 

Wash Drills, 6 on 6 Play

The more reps and the more playing, the more coaches will get to see.  By having more game-like situations, coaches can see how athletes adapt in various scenarios.  Showcases strengths as well as potential and how they can potentially impact a program at the next level. 

Video Streaming

Coaches are operating under various rules based on their division and institutions.  We will be using BallerTV as a streaming service or we will be using the streaming provided by the host facility.  Athletes will be able to be evaluated from coaches across the country.  We will provide a list of coaches who will have filled out the the College RSVP to give the athletes a heads up on who will be watching either from a screen or courtside. 

CMM Productions – Volleyball Recruiting Videos will be back and highlight videos will be available for purchase as well.  There is a 14 day turn around on these videos where athletes can expect a 90 second highlight video from the event.  Athletes can sign up through our registration page. Following the event, they will receive a highlight video to send to coaches to start their recruiting journey for the 2021 club season.  

Plenty of Social Media and Video Highlights From The Event

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