Photo: Raymond Mikolay New Jersey Power Ranking

Posted On: 03/4/21 11:08 AM

The start of the high school volleyball season in Washington is closer than ever and at this point, you should already be very familiar with the best teams and the most impressive players from each district as we analyzed them in detail for the last few months in our several different series.

However, we know one of the reasons why many of you follow high school volleyball is to try and anticipate which prospects have what it takes to succeed at the collegiate level and beyond. So, in this series, we’ll share our best guesses and list the top student-athletes from each of the next three graduating classes in each State district.

It’s time we take a look at the 4A South Puget Sound district and here are the players we picked:


Class of 2021

Adele Holland – Setter - Puyallup

Adele Holland is a phenomenal setter as she combines the rare ability from someone her age to put her hitters in great spots with good passes and to put them in hittable spots when the pass is not as good. Such a high level of accuracy resulted in 1,110 assists for Puyallup in 2019. At 5’8”, Holland has

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