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Posted On: 04/29/21 6:50 PM

It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to our update to the newly updated 2022 Prep Dig State Rankings List.  This update took a lot longer to finalize as there was tons of data to analyze from more game film, high school stats, and a lot more emails/texts/direct messages. We were able to bring some of the best players in the 2022 graduating class to the masses in this update.  It is absolutely my pleasure to bring this to you in our wonderful state. 


The 2022 Class has grown to now have 133 of the best players in the HUGE State of Texas.  We had some amazing players, parents, and coaches reach out to us this past year to keep our eyes open in regards to new players. We watched the high school season and now the club season and are ready to introduce you to some amazing young ladies who are great at their craft.  There have been a lot of battles on the sport court that have helped settle some debates.  We have watched some great training outside of the gym to see kids grow and get bigger, better and higher! 


Click here to see the newly Updated 2022 State Rankings


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