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We’re Back!  Prep Dig started 2021 with the Prep Dig Resolution in Appleton January 2-3 and came back with the Quad Cities Clash in Bettendorf, IA January 16-17.  Four months later and a little more freedom with how we can operate tournaments under covid restrictions, we will welcome over 90 teams to the Community First Champion Center, a great host for Prep Dig Events that will feature 12 courts.  Here is some helpful information in regards to our spectator policy as well as information for parents, coaches, and players. 

Spectator Information 

Each player is allowed TWO spectators per player. Each team will get TWO coaches wristbands.

All athletes, coaches, and spectators will need to wear masks at ALL times.

Weekend passes will be available to purchase for $20, wristbands can be purchased onsite at the front entrance of the Champions Center.

We will empty out the facility after each wave in order to maintain a safe number of people within the building. Under no circumstances should teams or spectators stay after their games to watch another team (Parents who have multiple daughters playing can use the same wristband, we ask you to exit and come back in the next wave).

Players/Coaches may check-in 45 minutes prior to the start of their wave. Please do not gather outside the facility until it is time to enter the building.  We need to allow room for athletes and spectators to exit from their waves. Athletes will be allowed in first before spectators. Each team will need to provide a line judge and a scorekeeper as we will be playing matches back to back to back on Saturday within the wave. 

Parents may enter 15 minutes prior to the start of their wave.

Link to Schedule

Saturday Waves

7:45 AM – 17s/18s

11:15 AM – 16s 

2:45 – 15s, and one pool of 16s 

6:15 – 13s/14s 


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For those not in attendance, and for families who want to download games from the event, every matchup will be streamed and stored on BallerTV. Here is a link to access all Prep Dig Tournaments on BallerTV.

Link To Event on BallerTV


Coaches, please make sure your rosters are uploaded into AES. This will be important for our scouts who will be in attendance, focusing on writing content about the event as well as social media, pictures, and video over the course of the weekend. 


Prep Dig will have three scouts on hand taking notes, posting on social media, and taking pictures and videos of athletes.  We will also have a videographer and photographer on hand as well.  

Updates over the weekend follow on Twitter: 



@PrepDig Chris

We will have pictures up on our Prep Dig Facebook pages as well as on our Instagram @PrepDig


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