Madison York

Posted On: 05/22/21 9:00 AM

As we all know girls across the country are all playing and working with a weird volleyball season due to the pandemic and in Illinois most of these athletes are transitioning out of their high school seasons. 

The 2021 Mizuno Showcase ran by the Junior Volleyball Association is kicking off this weekend in Loves Park, Il at the Mercy Health Sportscore Facility. There are an expected 129 teams attending this weekends event and we are going to be watching all the talent that is brought to the floor this weekend.

There are some teams that are attending the event that we are familiar with, but we are taking a deep dive into their teams and exploring the talents that they pack. 

1st Alliance Volleyball Club: 17 Onyx

1st Alliance Volleyball Club is a pretty well known club out of the Chicagoland area and is known for the various talented athletes that they harvest. 1st Alliance is a strong and dominant team on the court and for sure makes sure that you know their name when they walk into the building. 

The 1st Alliance 17 Onyx team is a team that has a very diverse group of athletes that can be seen as lethal on the court. They are fast, have power and are strong well rounded athletes and are huge competition for their opponents. 

Players to Watch

Jenny (Jennifer) Jensen- RS/OPP

Jensen stands at 6’0″ and is a powerful and valuable RS/OPP for the 17 Onyx team. Jensen has a very powerful swing and is very consistent with her kills on the ball. Jensen is going to be one to watch this weekend, as she is very fluent on the court in movement and sense of direction when her setter begins to set the ball for the kill. Jensen is most definitely an outstanding player and is going to be one to keep your eyes on this weekend if you have the opportunity to watch her play.

Maya Rabah- Libero/DS

Rabah is another athlete of the 17 Onyx team that is going to want to keep tabs on. Rabah stands at 5’7″ and is a very defensive player when it comes to having to defend her territory. She is fast and quick in reaction time when it comes to reflecting the ball back into live play. She can get close to the ground and makes sure that she uses every effort and inch of her body to keep the ball from hitting the floor. Rabah withholds excellent communication amongst the floor and makes it her responsibility to defend the ball and secure the win.

Tara Glynn- OH

Glynn is a very special athlete when it comes to her swing and her consistency on her swings. The 5’8″ OH, doesn’t have all the height that we are used to seeing on most hitters, however, Glynn’s ability to have a strong and powerful swing makes up for that. Glynn is a foundational athlete who has everything from the kill consistency to her blocks to her ability to move across the floor. Glynn is an athlete that who gets into her zone and will sweep teams with her ability to work with her setter and secure each kill. Glynn is an athlete who you are going to want to look forward to this weekend and keep her in your players to watch lists.