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Posted On: 05/17/21 6:29 PM

It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to our update to the newly updated 2024 Prep Dig State Rankings List.  We started off our first ever update of the 2024 class with 53 of the best players in the state.  We are proud to say that we have added 27 new players and now have 80 of the best players in the 2024 graduating class listed and ranked.  It is absolutely our pleasure to bring this to you in our wonderful state. 


The 2024 Class is so much fun to cover because there is so much passion and growth occurring daily. We have been watching the school and club season closely and are proud to bring you new athletes.  In the coming days and weeks we are going to introduce you to new athletes and also re-introduce you to some who have made some moves on the list.  We are super excited to bring this to you and we look forward to publishing more articles on these wonderful athletes.   


We love what we do and are always looking to learn more about the athletes we currently have on our list and also ones that aren’t on it yet.  The best way for me to learn is for you to talk to me about them.  I love interacting with our readers.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with information. I have tons of players who message me and keep me updated with new information on their seasons and training. We hope you are enjoying our website. Thank you for reading!


Click Here for the newly updated 2024 State Rankings.


Stay tuned for more articles on your favorite athletes.  If you have anyone you think we should watch out for, please shoot me an email with some info at  Also don’t forget to help these kids get more exposure by sharing our stories with your friends.  Help us help them by simply retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook.  Thanks for following Texas Family!