Posted On: 05/6/21 11:08 AM

The Iowa Select 17 Mizuno has been building momentum all season and will be heading into the summer recruiting period at full strength with plenty of athletes who will be competing at the next level.  Here is a deeper dive into the Iowa Select 17 Mizuno squad who recently took the title home from the Prep Dig Battle in the Valley 17/18s title with a three set win over Wisconsin Premier 17 Teal out of the Milwaukee area.  Who is committed?  Who is available? Who needs to be on the radar? 


Ella Caffery Ella Caffery 5'9" | S Wilton | 2022 State IA – Setter – Class of 2022

Committed to Northwest Missouri State

Caffery preps at Wilton High School where she has built quite a resume which has included three state tournament appearances and a final four finish this high school season.  She is a dynamic multisport athlete who knows how to get it done on multiple playing fields.  She truly is the quarterback of this team where her release from a neutral position will always keep the defense guessing.  A true 5-1 setter who can do it all from playing her position defensively and even knowing when to be offensive to score points on her own.  Northwest Missouri State is on the rise among D2 program being among the top teams in the MIAA and was consistently in the top 25 rankings among D2 teams playing this spring. 


Class of 2022

Emily Allison Emily Allison 5'9" | OH Rock Island (IL) | 2022 State IA –  Outside Hitter

Speed and athleticism is the name of the game for Allison who is on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities, attending Rock Island High School.  Allison is an outside hitter who is quick to the ball and is able to hit all the angles.  She knows how to use the block to her advantage to score points as well as find the open shots whether thats hard cross or a tip over the block.  She is a primary passer and someone who could be used at the next level on the pin or a swing out of the backrow. 

Morgan Barker Morgan Barker 5'9" | OH Davenport Central | 2022 State IA – Outside Hitter

Barker is a powerhouse!  Her strength and all around athleticism really is what has elevated her game to the next level and is hard not to notice when watching this team play.  She has a smile and spark to her where she is always ready to celebrate the big kill or block with her teammates.  She is so tough to stop when she has a clean swing and can go sharp cross and can score out of system as well.  She is on the radar of plenty of schools who would love to have her ability, athleticism, and and intangibles in the gym. 


Joclyn Bentz – Outside Hitter

Super smooth.  Bentz is efficient, she knows when to go for the big shot to score and when to keep things alive for another play.  She has had quite a year winning a state title for Burlington Notre Dame.  She gets to play alongside her twin sister, Jenna who is a setter for Iowa Select 17 Baden. 

Hannah Copeland Hannah Copeland 6'1" | MB Geneseo (IL) | 2022 State IA – Middle Blocker 

Copeland has a presence.  She is long, strong, and athletic where she can really be physical offensively and establishes a strong block defensively.  Just shy under six feet tall, Copeland has a high motor where she can work quickly in transition to give herself a chance to terminate in the middle.  A strong student as well, she will have plenty of options around her for the next level. 

Brianna Gartner Brianna Gartner 5'5" | DS/L Davenport Assumptoin | 2022 State IA – DS/Libero 

Gartner really got on my radar seeing her play at the state tournament for Assumption this past fall and has continued to sore seeing her at the Prep Dig Top 250 in Omaha, Tour of Iowa Showcase, and seeing her progress through the season.  She anticipates well to be in the right spot at the right time to put a clean pass to her setters to run the show.  Gartner may not be the overly animated libero, but she still has a quietly effective presence where her play speaks volumes. 


Grace Graham Grace Graham 5'10" | MB North Scott | 2022 State IA – Middle Blocker

Graham brings a fast twitch style to the middle blocker position where she can get up quick and snap to the corner or event the ten foot line.  She preps at North Scott High School just outside of the Quad Cities where she is also a standout on the track where she will looking to make noise in hurdle events at state.  She will be getting calls from volleyball and track coaches at the next level. 


Kierney McDonald Kierney McDonald 6'0" | MB Rockridge (IL) | 2022 State IA – Middle Blocker

McDonald had a huge weekend at the Prep Dig Battle in the Valley where she was scoring points multiple ways where she can hit the quick tempo, but was really deadly on the slide.  Her stock is quickly rising and her best volleyball is ahead of her.  As someone who can provide a solid block as well as attack of one foot she could be utilized at the next level in the middle or even a right side.  Extremely dynamic. 

Ava Schubert Ava Schubert 6'1" | RS Assumption | 2023 State IA – Right Side *Class of 2023

Schubert has been on the radar since she was in 8th grade when she played up two age levels on the Iowa Select 16s squad.  The Sophomore right side has a big left handed swing and can play all the way around.  Her athleticism and ability to adjust on the fly to make positive things happen for her team is something that cannot be measured on paper.  She has played in two state volleyball tournaments as well as two state basketball tournaments for Assumption.  When June 15 comes around, she will be plenty of conversations with college coaches who would welcome all of her skill and positive intangibles that go as part of the complete package. 

Livia Thomsen – Libero/DS

Super smooth and relaxed.  Thomsen is a libero who movement is so smooth across the court with little wasted motion.  This past fall season, Thomsen was the libero for Pleasant Valley High School which was in the final four of Class 5A, Iowa’s largest class.  She knows how to play at a high level against top competition.